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Sin and Guilt-the Ultimate Reader Challenge

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If anyone comes up with a satisfactory answer on this one, I’m buying them a pizza and getting them a book deal, for starters.

This question concerns what I see as the biggest problem with Christianity / the biggest obstacle to my faith.

Why should we feel responsible for our sins if God created us to live as sinful creatures?

Preemptive response#1:   Yes, the Fall had to happen before we were sinful creatures.  But I would contend that the Fall was really a part of our creation, fully planned on.

Preemptive response #2:  I realize that a Free Will response is the easiest answer to this question.  I’d still love to hear one, but this question is directed especially at Presbyterians and other predestination-ists.

Looking forward to hearing from you all, whoever you are.

Written by James Bailey

July 24, 2007 at 3:01 am


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…it’s not just for Calvinists. I’ve been reading Carl Sagan, the astrophysicist, and remembering that there is no shortage of scientific materialists who don’t believe that we have any free will. I wouldn’t have thought they would really have anything in common; but there it is. Two communities that I mostly have a lot of respect for, holding as one of their core beliefs something I would really rather be false. Would you rather be a puppet held by physics and chemistry, or manipulated by a more traditional deity?

I wish I were a real boy!

Written by James Bailey

June 6, 2007 at 6:16 am