Pursuit of Truthiness

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Crazy Things

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1. Counterproductive craziness- I always suspected that tinfoil hats actually help the government/aliens to infiltrate your brain.  Now a study by electrical engineers at MIT confirms my suspicions.

2. So crazy it must be satire, and actually is- Obama is Literally Hitler.

3. Bridges made entirely from the roots of living trees.  Elves must have been involved.

4. Socratic dialogues as sitcoms– so crazy I would watch it.

5. The story of Genesis is officially true: I saw it on Facebook.

6.  The American Stonehenge.  Very bizarre for what it is, for the mystery of who built it, and because I had somehow never heard of it before.

7. For-credit classes in Underwater Basketweaving actually exist.  Have not confirmed if any of them qualify as full-contact.  Also, UC Berkeley is offering a class in Starcraft.


Written by James Bailey

August 13, 2009 at 12:54 am

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