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Nuclear Nazi Assassin: Making Maine look good

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My native Maine seems to produce about a story a year featuring backwoods types who do really messed up things, but this story blows away all the others.

Apparently a wannabe-Nazi living in Belfast was building a dirty bomb to set off at the Presidential Inauguration, but was murdered by a vigilante (his wife?).

The only thing more bizarre than the story is that almost no media outlets have picked it up, despite the fact that the story broke in early February.

But read up at Wikileaks and the Bangor Daily News for a glimpse into a dangerous bizarro world.

Wikileaks speculates that the story hasn’t spread because it doesn’t fit with anyone’s political agenda, but that doesn’t seem like enough.  Any thoughts?  Are reporters outside of Maine and the blogosphere just that bad at their jobs?

Written by James Bailey

March 12, 2009 at 11:26 pm

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