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Why I Love America: John McCain, Barack Obama, and the Internet

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Election night reminded me once more what a crazy, wonderful country I live in.  Barack Obama gave an incredible, uplifting victory speech to match his great accomplishment.  John McCain’s concession speech was literally jaw-dropping.   His eloquence, graciousness, and humility were inspiring; a few more performances that good and he may not have had to concede!  For him, on the very night of the election, to refer to his opponent as “my president”, after an ugly campaign this year and such divisive elections in 2000 and 2004, blew my mind.

It made me think of just how unusual our political system is.  Our presidents and presidential candidates have, again and again, given up the most powerful office in the world without coups, civil wars, violence.  This is not how human beings naturally work.  That we do so is an awesome achievement of our constitutional system, culture, and continued vigilance.  John McCain did one better, giving up not only without violence, but without hard feelings.

In a democratic society, though, we cannot depend only on having great leaders; they will not emerge except from a great people.  Ordinary Americans, using the latest greatest American technology, give the best showing of supporting democracy and being kind-hearted.

I give you 52 to 48/48 to 52, with love!


Written by James Bailey

November 10, 2008 at 9:48 pm

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