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Its my Party, I’ll Disenfranchise who I want to

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Voting rights occupy a special place in the minds of Americans; no voting controversy can be settled, or even discussed, without some good doses of demagoguery from all sides.

The Democratic Party wanted to keep states from having their primaries a year ahead of the election; the state parties in Florida and Michigan moved theirs back anyway, fully aware of the consequences for breaking the rules.  It’s beyond me how most people seem to blame the National party for making and enforcing rules rather than blaming Florida and Michigan for breaking them.

A compromise has just been reached to give half-votes to the delegates from Florida and Michigan.  Now Clinton supporters and concerned citizens can complain about not only disenfranchisement, but make comparisons to the famous three-fifths slave-voting compromise!

Can you hear the Republicans chuckling on the sidelines?  Rush Limbaugh himself last week, as part of “Operation Chaos“, suggested giving three-fifths of a vote to the delegates.

Parties can choose their nominees any way they like; the current system of primaries and caucuses is found nowhere in the constitution (for that matter, neither are parties themselves).  We might even be better off with the traditional mechanism of party elites in a dark, smoke-filled room.  But it sure is amusing to watch democrats with misplaced enthusiasm tearing their party apart.  Seeing how well they run their own party, one can only hope they learn a lot before they have a country to run.

Written by James Bailey

June 1, 2008 at 5:10 pm

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