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Professional World Savers

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The Washington Post details their travails in trying to be normal middle class adults.

I think we got the point after watching the Incredibles, the Spiderman movies… really the whole World-Saving genre is one long way of saying, as Five for Fighting’s Superman did, “It’s not easy to be me.”

Get rich first, save the world later seems to be the most effective may to make a difference- if you don’t forget what you’re about.  Although some economists would say that getting rich indicates you are doing something good/useful for the world, and it is a tragedy that Bill Gates has quit making Microsoft better (something he’s good at) to building a charity (not so much).

If I do choose the save-the-world-first strategy, please, give me a good slap on the nose if I complain about it.

Written by James Bailey

November 7, 2007 at 2:17 pm

Posted in cash, idealism

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