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100 Most Influential Liberals and Conservatives

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Because I’m a sucker for lists.  But more because it’s really well done.

The Telegraph (an English newspaper) put together their study of US political figures ahead of the the 2008 election.  And a study it is; despite being a know-it-all, I feel like a learned an awful lot from reading their descriptions.  It was fun to see who I’d heard of (about half of the liberals and maybe 80 of the conservatives) and how the people I read, listen to or watch regularly fared (John Stewart and Steven Colbert, David Frum and Matt Drudge all made it, together with the more obvious choice of Rush Limbaugh).

Two themes stood out to me especially: one is their belief that there is a “new generation” of black politicians who are less racially motivated than their predecessors, and that Obama is their leading light.  The other: when you read who tops their liberal list, think about what it says about Hillary Clinton as an independent leader, and about how the Democrat leadership has changed since, say, 1996.

Happy Reading!


Written by James Bailey

November 5, 2007 at 3:34 pm

Posted in Politics

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