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Star Love

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Do we believe in vain

That these stars twinkle for us?

These luminous beauties

whose numbers defy comprehension,

whose size dwarfs our very world

of little rocks and little thoughts-

whose heat overpowers

not mere flesh alone,

but the very atoms which dared

to join together in our creation.

These fierce beauties fill the heavens

burning bright,

with the power of their souls;

seeking out,

grand galactic society;

or perhaps

an attractive binary companion.

Dare we claim to be the center,

To hold the gaze

of the Maker of the Universe?

Who would notice if we

after a brief season

living off the energy of one lonely star

passed on to icy dust

or scattered ashes,

fading away among the ancient lights

Written by James Bailey

August 31, 2007 at 3:43 am

Posted in poetry

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