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Co-worker fun fact # 8

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My co-workers regularly say things that would get them fired in an office. They’re not afraid to be politically incorrect, or to insult and threaten each other. But it’s a rough job, and they need some way to keep things interesting; anyway, they say, they’ve all been working together too long.

It think it’s refreshing and funny most of the time. Here’s a great example from today, after I did some quality mason-work:

Grizzled Foreman: Good job James, I like how you’ve been showing initiative. I’m promoting you to lead temporary.

Other Temp: So I guess I should start working harder?

Boss-man: You could show some initiative by taking that brick and hitting [grizzled foreman] in the head.


Written by James Bailey

July 30, 2007 at 8:43 pm

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